Bastian Schweinsteiger declared his departure from the game of football. The 35-year-old has spent his precious 17 years with Bayern Munich. But now it is time to say goodbye to it. Lukas Podolski, his longtime, friend, colleague, and his biggest fan Lukas Podolski expressed his feelings about the decision. He mourns as Schweini hangs up his football boots by wishing him all the best for his future through his social accounts. He was saddened to hear that he will be ending his bright career, but he feels proud to have shared some great moments for the game. In addition to his sad feelings, Podolski has not forgotten to add some good words about him and his playing techniques as well.

Two of the greatest football players have known each other for more than 15 years as they have played on the same team. Podolski mentioned that he and Schweini had a relationship which was something more than just a teammate and colleague. He said that Bastian cannot be only described as a legend after contributing to this kind of play for so many years. Lukas Podolski also mentioned that they have spent the best time playing together around different parts of the world. They both also shared a great bond when they were not into any game, says a nostalgic Lukas. He will always cherish the moment which they shared while playing together. His favorite moment with him is winning the World Cup and Lukas will cherish this event forever.

Bastian thanked all his fans and supporters as a farewell for the love and affection that he has got from them for all these years. He also thanked his family members for staying by his side in bad times. He will always remain true to the spirit of football.

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