Former Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski has recently praised Alexis Sanchez for his performance in the Premier League. The German forward said that Alexis is a talented striker and that he is improving in every match.

Podolski said that it is never easy to score in the Premier League and that Alexis Sanchez is making it look easy. This is a remarkable feat when you know that Alexis is not a pure striker and that it is only Arsene Wenger that has converted him from his favorite position on the wing.

Lukas Podolski said that Arsenal should expect more from Alexis Sanchez in the future and that he will become better as soon as he gets used to playing up front.

The former Arsenal player was mostly pleased with the performance of Sanchez in the match against West Ham where he managed to score a hat-trick. He said that it was a pleasure to see Alexis Sanchez perform in this game and he is undoubtedly one of the best players in Europe at the moment.

Indeed Alexis Sanchez not only managed to score three goals in the game but also assisted one goal. The Chilean international was outstanding in the game and creates openings for his team mates and was a constant danger for the West Ham defence.

Lukas Podolski believes that if Arsenal managed to find a way to win the big games they should be able to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool for the title. The German international believes that the manager has the necessary squad to challenge for trophies and it is up to the players to deliver the goods in the big matches.

He said that he has enjoyed his time with Arsenal and wished that the club could win the title soon.