1. both good goals would of been good to have them both up front but orr well fuck u van persie COYG!

  2. The goalkeeper couldn’t have done better. The volley was too powerful and swerved away from the keeper any way. Podolski also didn’t need the ball to come of the post.

  3. I play alot of football. It was a standard and basic volley by Podolski and the goal keeper should have done better. Van Persie’s volley was technically brilliant and the goalkeeper was left statuesque.

  4. That’s not the celebration van Persie did. That celebration was from the 2010/11 season.

  5. you clearly no nothing. Podolski’s volley was more powerful, more controled and the speed of the ball passed t him was faster. Also Podolski was involved in the build up to his goal.

  6. Van Persie’s volley was more difficult and technical since it came from a longer distance over his shoulder. Podolski’s volley was simple and basic.

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