1. Aww cute video 🙂 Lukas is amazing, and some of my fav clips of him in there, especially the schweinski bits! His smile really is infectious, but if i was as gorgeous as him i would always be smiling too <3 <3

  2. @shadyca can you tell me this song name please ?
    by the way its very nice video i like it goo job 😉

  3. i luv it when he’s with basti cuz they are both my favs!!♥♥♥♥

  4. haha yeah i guess his a friendly person!:) i wish i was his daughter;) give him kisses on cheeks and hugs;)

  5. OMG!
    He is soooo cute and gorgeous!
    I looooved this video!
    It’s so nice! 😀
    U should make more of these!!! XD
    Well… Poldi is just…. wonderfull! *-*

    PS: And I loved the song too! Who sings it?

  6. Strange…

    But he is awsome!!!! Best in the world!!!!

    Btw Germany in 2010!!!!

  7. Super vid 🙂 Yeah, he is always smiling, it’s so cute! And his smile is so gorgeous…
    Especcially thakns for Schweinski-moments in this vid.

  8. aww, thank you so much.. 🙂
    your comment is so nice and it made me smile…
    and I’m glad that you like it.. 😀

  9. shadyca thank u so much 4 uploading this awesome vid.danke!yup,he alwys looks happy with his big gorgeous smile!uhhh…i’m melting

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