1. The guy who dived ruined the whole goal for me. Sad because it was a sick shot.

  2. in all seriousness van persie rarely scores long shots, he usually scores from mainly edge of the box and withing the box and its the same as messi, he rarely scores longs shots (30yrd+) were as podolski does, only Bale and Hulk are the same so it is very close for #1 he does truly have a cracking left foot 🙂

  3. It’s funny cuz the songs black and yellow and his boots were black and yellow when he score the best goal in the world!!!!! Lol

  4. The best goal in the world. Better than van persie volley and his volley was offside and podolskis wasn’t. Gunner 4 life!!!!!!!!!! Come on arsenal!!!!!!! I HATE rvp!!!!!!!!

  5. im bayern munich fan. But its true, when he get in a good position with his left food, the keeper is fucked

  6. has the best left foot in the world. if he had a half decent right foot coupled with abit more skills hed be world class

  7. I don’t think he really thinks it’s THE best. Just part of being a fan, typical cunt.

  8. If someone has the best left foot in the world it doesn’t mean they’re the best left-footed player in the world…Podolski is no way the best player in the world, but when you say ‘best left foot’, you mean the connection with the ball. Mata, Messi, Silva and others mentioned may be better players, but don’t have a better left foot.

  9. Hmm yeah. It’s better than Messi’s, Mata’s, Van Persie’s, Silva’s, Bale’s, Hulk’s…typical Arsenal fan.

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