1. @MooseheadDrinker Yes I think it’s over … but there are people just ignore it

  2. Poldi . Someone commented about Poles to stop complaining about German players with Polish roots. Well what can I say. We are a proud nation. Had it not been for our country being squeezed like a sandwich between the West and East and all the recent history we had shared with our wonderful neighbors such as Russia and Germany, then maybe we too would have some fucking stars on our team. The good ones escaped to the West and in East they are getting fucked up on vodka and coruption

  3. very nice video! 😉 btw, does somebody know what’s the title of the song that was played yesterday in köln, everytime when germany scored?

  4. I hate the world today..
    You sow good to me I now but I can’t change you are the boy ho nener wants to be alone!

  5. Leute! Ich bin sehr glücklich! Ich verdiene 2000 € im Monat! Google-Suche “stehlst poker” 🙂

  6. @TheMrGawin he is from Oberschlesien it was german before ww2 😀 ppl dont know this

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