1. i’m serbian but my favorite player is podolski.
    If he didn’t exist i woulden’t play football

  2. 2:16 das guck ich so oft..richtig geil und wie die 3 Gegenspieler dann doof zurückgucken 😀

  3. The father of Klose is the great german footballer Josef Klose. Don’t forget there are still Germans living in Poland.

  4. @peisher Lukas wanted to play for Poland, Klose chose to play for germany himself. Fuck him!

  5. I agree, imagine podolski on the left and milos krasic on the right, pace power and rocket shots.

  6. podolski would suit the english premier league very well! he’d suit any of the top flight teams: rooney and poldi, torres and poldi, van persie and poldi or drogba and poldi take your pick lol! I’d love to see him in the premier league though! 😛

  7. haha i love how everyone is talking about him coming to liverpool

    on fifa 09 i have torres and podolski up front (manager mode)

    literally an unbeatble forward line

  8. i think he will fit in good in Liverpoolhe can play left wing and forward great player good pace

  9. He wanted to play for Poland but they did not take him… Klose too another great player but Poland didnt want him either

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