1. @manillabomber
    got it thank you. in germany its the other way round. there it would be the 3rd person singular form of are after the team name, even if it consists of more than one player. eg. England ist in Schwierigkeiten.
    sein (to be) – ich bin (i am) – du bist (you are) – er/sie/es ist (he/she/it is) – wir sind (we are) – ihr seid (you are) – sie sind (they are)

  2. @Meltorizor

    Hey. He´s talking about the 11 English players and refers to them as England, however, he uses the correct plural form “are”. By saying “England are in trouble.”, he´s talking about the squad not about the country. You see?

  3. first: pretty evil shot for this sharp angle and

    second: why do you say england are in trouble? isn’t it supposed to be england IS in trouble? same verb other conjugation? just asking english is not my mother tongue.

  4. @Jimmyretired OK, I’m English and I’m going to cordially ask you to fuck off.

    When England beat them 5-1 it was against one of the worst German sides in history, with only Kahn, Ballack and maybe Carsten Janker (sp?) being noteworthy players.

    ‘we kicked your ass’. We? Are you implying that you had something to do with it other than sitting on your fat arse and swearing at Seaman a year later at the actual cup?

    Not to mention that you’ve even spelt ‘packie’ wrong.

  5. @s0ccer96 Let me correct myself. I did not took him 5 1/3 games but 4 1/3 games to score 4 times.
    I still do not get why Forlan was voted for the most important player..

  6. @Jimmyretired

    Is that British humour? Cause I’m not laughing. Well, maybe a bit…at you for talking bull. Yeah, you won 1966, although blabla wembley goal blablabla, revenge in wc2010, won the wc 3 times blablabla. I am actually not even in the mood for feeding a troll yet I still do it… Ah whatever, just grow up mentally and stop trolling.

  7. @Skelex20 It is not even bad defending but rather perfect attacking. Look the way Müller runs and how perfectly Klose prepared the goal.
    Look at the 4:1. Klose prepared that goal too with an amazing 40 meters pass from the own box to Özil who ran away from Barry and passed to Müller.
    For me Klose was the striker of the tournement. 4 goals in 5 and 1/3 games and all these assists.

  8. @eddyrm182 Besides says a lot for your “multicultrailism if they decide to play for Germany and not YOU and I am talking about Boating I think the black guys name is

  9. @eddyrm182 they were brought up in germany…and learnt to play football in Germany…there for they play football FOR germany….if they stayed living in poland do you think they would be who they are today??

  10. @K6C10 losing 2-1 because of an unfair disallowed goal and drawing 2-2 after 30 mins having come back from 2-0 are two very different moral situations and Klose and Podolski?both polish and what is germany without them?

  11. @K6C10 im spanish and english i dont give a shit about argentina theyre arrogant shits and im happy you beat them lahm is not the best wing back in the world maertesacker?Friedrich?who are they?Klose and Podolski arnt german and im sorry but what are germany without them huh?ye i was just sayin how germany give such a good impression and ther so confident and then they fail in the semis twice.England wer shit throughout the wholoe tournament.

  12. @eddyrm182 what about Higuain who plays for argentina? he is not argentinian, he’s French….so shut up. oh BTW you said “its so funny how you crouts just failed again in the semis” well its funny how England failed in the 1st KO round…….and Muller aint the only good german on the team….Schweinsteiger is german and he’s the best player…what about Lahm? the best wing back in the world…or Ballack? or Mertesacker? freidrich??? or Neuer??

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