1. @ObsidionX He didnt feel bad, he kept his celebreation very respectful, for his family lives in poland and was at that game. Also, the Polish coach wouldnt let him play and he didnt even get recognized by them until he kicked ass in WC 2006. Poldi doesnt even have a Polish passport but he lives in Germany, has a passport plays for the Deutscher Fussbal Bund and plays for a German club team.. But you are correct in the fact that he is awesome and a vital part to german football!

  2. @ObsidionX Podolski is of German descent, born in Poland, yes, but on land that was once and truly is German land. Same for Klose. Polish sucks!

  3. Zenit unterzeichnete einen Vertrag mit Fußballspieler und dem deutschen Nationalspieler im Fußball Lukas Podolski, Der Auftragswert beläuft sich 13,5 millionen Euro. Vertrag wird für einen Zeitraum von 4 Jahren abgeschlossen, Podolski wird bei den Gebühren kommen übermorgen.

  4. @SaltfleetSoccerElite no, he’s the best Polish player that is playing for Germans 😉

  5. @ObsidionX if he did choose to play for poland he felt bad too if he scored for poland

  6. Poldi , bist einfach der beste 🙂 , Absoluter Lieblingsspieler;) , schade das Bayern dich so kaputt gemacht hat….

  7. @ObsidionX Get your facts right! You have absolute 0 knowledge about Podolski’s career so don’t talk! Check here:

    He never had the opportunity to play for Poland. Pawel Janas never noticed him and kept ignoring him. Whereas the German coach at that time Rudi Voller was clever and put him in his team.

    So get your facts right!

  8. if he really felt bad when he scored against poland than why did he choose to play for germany and not poland when both countries gave him the opportunity?anyway he is the best and germany should be proad to have a player like him

  9. @Dragonslyerbeast keine Ahnung. Vielleicht wars ja auch so schnell. Die hatten ja damals Schneider und so… Keine Ahnung.

  10. LOL, wie die die alle 0:50-1:00min abgehen. Ist das vorgespult? Sieht so aus.^^

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