1. With all due respect – not really, I am Kashubian and I am of no German heritage 🙂

  2. Many Germans are ethnically Slavic or Baltic, note that half of Germanic (German and Austrian) teritorry in 1914 was ethnically 100% Slavic (Połabia, Lusatia, Western and Central Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Galitia, some parts of former Yugoslavia).

    Note that all German names ending with -itz are from medieval Polish language.

    Is Merkel liked in Poland? Not really, no.

  3. What do you think of the news that Angela Merkel is 25% Polish. I just read it online today. Personally, I think that that is very cool 😀 I know that she is liked in Poland. I’ve always known that there are Germans with Polish roots and Poles with German roots, just like in other European countries you have people who have mixed origins. It doesn’t surprise me though, after all, I don’t think that there were physical borders in previous centuries and people interacted freely.

  4. Klose and Podolski are silesian, that means they are both of polish and german heritage and can decide themselves what they are. As footballers they are both german since they learned to play football there and display the german mentality on the pitch. btw. A lot of germans were rooting for the poles at EC12. The days of prejudices towards them are gone, only old people and idiots still despise them. They’ve become our best neighbors. I was really disappointed when they got kicked out.

  5. Absolutely! Germany is definitely the team I support, not only because they’re our neighbours and Lukas plays there but also but they are superb players, what a quality! I really hope Germany wins.

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