1. umm people use slut so loosely.. come on. She has been with two people i beleive it cuase she lost her virginity like when she was 16 got into show business guy leaves her and within moments she is with her future husband. just cause you are unhappy with your image dosn’t mean you have to smear a girls image.

  2. Me = Hottest being in the universe
    Fox = Sucks my dick when I’m borred (Paid $2 annually)
    Podolski = I olle him when I’m tirred (Here’s the fun part, FOR FREE)

  3. .

    Good day mouth pieces of Leviathan, the day is coming when all of you will eat your money and credit cards; you will go outside to eat grasses and you will drink waters in canals. You will become paranoid, trembling day and night, you will die insane, hopeless because you cannot hear this simple word: REPENT!


  4. Podolski is a good player, but Michael BALLACK is the best!

    And Megan Fox is my girl friend.

    Cristiano Ronaldo sucks ass, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic IS THE BEAST

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