1. @3DSFuture: i rather suppose there is a similarity between RUSSIAN AND POLISH. We cannot even read the Kyrillic alphabet. Why don´t you all join Al Bundy and his TV-Family ? Are THEY from Poland ??? LOL

    More than a THIRD of all Polish people is of German origin anyway.

    And we have also about at least 1/5 of Germans who have Polish origins.

    What problems do you have ?

    Too much grass? Too much speed ?

    If you would write such a bad English in the USA the would kick you out of the States.

  2. @MrSKINFLICK Shut your mouth ignorant.

    Its germans got russian accent when they speak english 😉

  3. @3DSFuture: 3DSFuture:”100% Polish like Poldi, who only plays for Germany”: AN AWFUL RASCIST – and nothing else – just a very very poor guy !

  4. @3DSFuture:

    B L O C K E D

    — YOU POOR person.

    You want to live in the USA

    and write such a defective and bad asshole-English ! You´re a complete life-long liar !

  5. @3DSFuture:I always said that many Polish people can´t get along with amphetamines-you are the living proof,you talk garbage+know NOTHING about objective history.Silesia was German before the 2nd world war+mad Hitler made it go lost,that´s all.
    Many people in Poland are just racists from the other point of view.
    Your country is very unimportant in Europe+your language is tooo difficult to learn.
    If you cannot read what i wrote+tried to explain u-then LET IT BE
    Poldi would NEVER PLAY FOR POLAND!

  6. @MrSKINFLICK You says bullshit..

    Germans emigrated to this Polish lands, to give Hitler reason to take them.
    Poldi parents became from Silesia. This region is not near Polish-German borders.

    And they were 100% Polish like Poldi, who only plays for Germany.

  7. @3DSFuture:Poldi´s parents come from a region near the German border in Poland,a district that was German beforeWW2.In this region Polish+German families lived peacefully house by house in same villages+towns&even married among each other.A name-ending with-ski is very common in Germany for centuries,because thereHAD BEEN Polish immigrants to Germany for centuries,the last big wave was at the end of the 19th century for working in the Ruhrgebiet-coalmines.Germany was always an immigrant country.

  8. @mizujagger: Basti says: “Wake up for the match & get up, you lazy bastard” and Poldi mumbles that his mobile wake up alarm hasn´t rung yet. When Basti holds up the bag of potato chips he says: “That´s how the dirtbag feeds himself.” A few parts are not understandable.

  9. @ThatOnePerson29

    I know, I found out that Poldi has a wife, which sucks… Him and Schweini are so cute :]

  10. @NeuerManuel

    wie jetzt? das ist doch aus “dt. ein sommermärchen”
    noch niiieee gesehen??? *kreisch* ;D

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