1. Gervinho Chant:

    Gervinnhooo ooo Always Believe In Your Soul, Youve got the power to know youre indestructableee always believe in Gervinho! (To The Lyrics Of ‘Spandau Ballet – Gold’)


  2. @dane123ization Lool believe me the 1st thing I said after he scored the own goal was,
    ”shit your screwed lol like why did you have to do that”
    our fans who are already angry at the lack of defensive signings and then this happens, but he shouldn’t be used as a scape goat.

  3. @dane123ization what has an own goal got to do with a retarded defence, for god sake, he is a young back up who is still developing and that is a mistake that only happens 1se in a blue moon, plus Sagna is the best RB in the league and only 3rd behind Dani Alves and Lahm, so its not like his our 1st choice any ways, if you watched all our pre season, he has played really well

  4. @dane123ization Wenger has said he is going to get 1 more CB, but when you watched the match did you see anything wrong with the defence, why are you so negative, unless you don’t support Arsenal then forget about it.

  5. well let’s not judge a player after 1 game .. he did alright to find the space and his finishing was good enough to get him 2 early goals ; let’s see him after 10 or 15 games and then make a prediction !

  6. @ASHheartsASC
    just like in the carling cup when birmingham did not create the chance but it was gifted to them by koscielny and szczesny……arsenal is becoming a joke and every season is deja vu

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