1. Manchester U is a good team,,, their DEFENSE is CLEAN…except valencia..

    good to see manU playing clean,, not like Real Madrid.. their players are Taekwondo.. not football players.. kicking legs,, not the ball..

  2. what a vid really nice 2 teams did there best cant deny that well played barca are a good team but i sport man.utd atleast there 19th premiure champs

  3. @TheEyesOFsilence And Barcelona only have one CL less than Liverpool, with the squad they have and the young team they have, they are bound to takeover that record.

  4. @TheEyesOFsilence Graeme Souness was a key player in that Liverpool team and he has come out time and time again claiming that Barca are the best club side of all time. Every single player in this Barca team is world class – Puyol and Pique are the best defensive pair in the world, Pique is skillful and a great passer, Puyol is an absolute machine. Alves, best right back in the world, Abidal, one of the best. Busquets – best one touch passer according to Xavi, David Villa and Pedro = Lethal.

  5. @Shaftsus If the match was played in the 1970s/1980s Liverpool would beat Barcelona’s team now because let’s face it they’re great to watch but a bunch of sissies.I think too that Barcelona have 3 great players (Xavi, Iniesta, Messi) but take them out and there nothing special so I think there have been better teams over the years imo …Well who in Ireland doesn’t support Celtic but Liverpool still have more Champions Leagues then everyone bar Madrid and AC Milan so we’re a superpower in Europe

  6. @TheEyesOFsilence It’s easier to get tickets to a liverpool game than a Barca game lol – I got some Barca memorabilia though and a shirt from 2007, my other club I support is Celtic who won the European Cup/CL before Liverpool or United or any of those teams won it lol. So I’ve been supporting Barca since before everybody started calling them the best team of all time. And this Barca squad is a lot better than the Liverpool team that dominated in the 1970s/1980s who only won 4 during that era.

  7. @Shaftsus You’re obviously a glory hunter supporting Barcelona since you live in Ireland too.I’ve been over to watch Liverpool play loads of times how many Barcelona matches you been to huh
    And when it comes the Champions League Liverpool have won it more than Manchester or Barcelona FACT
    Liverpool will be back in the Champions League destroying teams next year don’t worry about that.Another thing didn’t Liverpool knock out Barcelona last time they met? and hammered Madrid too..

  8. @TheEyesOFsilence I love Barca and supported them for years but where were Liverpool this Champions League? Man United have reached like 3 finals in 5 years lol they are clearly a more superior team than Liverpool. United can keep their heads up anyone would have lost to Barca the way they played and at least United they didn’t resort to dirty tactics like I thought they would – they proved me wrong and tried to play the game fairly against the most difficult side to beat.


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