1. Podolski is fanstatic (my fav player also) He is much better thn Tony nd i think that leaving bayern is a good move now as thy will hve olic at da end of da season and he will nt be a bench warmer anymore

  2. He is my fav player too.
    I love FC Bayern but I would like him to leave if he isn’t going to be played.
    He should join an English team since it can boost up his career and he can have a chance to really shine and show his potential then wasting his life on the bench.
    I’m a huge Liverpool fan but I wouldn’t mind a team like Arsenal buying him or something. 😀
    Just as long as it’s a good team.

  3. well i do not like the english teams a lot but he should leave because the Premier League is a more competitive championship, more than Bundesliga and we all know that he has to be a substitute. I agree you

  4. Great video and a great football player. I heard he may leave Bayern in the open window and come to the England. I hope he does. He’s so skillful and bloody gorgeous! Will make Match of the Day a lot more interesting 😉

  5. There are a lot of talents on the german squad, but podolski is the gold thats waiting to be unraveled. With his speed and his deadly eye for goal to match and at only 23 years of age we will see more coming from this guy.

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