1. Yeah, honestly though Arsenal’s just been in a slump that all teams face every so many years. Each year they’re becoming stronger and stronger though, and I’m sure eventually they’ll be back on top.

  2. I asked as most Arsenal fan are saying Robin had just one outstanding season (2011/12) compared to the rest! Even though the other two 08/09 10/11 were good. Arsenal fan say one good season as we are angry that he’s being disrespectful towards Arsenal. We want him to do well & fight to win with Arsenal! Not our rivals.

  3. This is why the other seasons were left out! As you can see they were less than average! These stats are for the fans that don’t have any sort of memory loss!
    2004–05 41 games 10 goals 1 assist
    2005–06 38 games 11 goals 2 assists
    2006–07 31 games 13 goals 8 assists
    I left out 2007–08 2009–10 trying to be fair as combined he played 42 games got 19 goals & 14 assists that is 2 seasons lower than average!

  4. Yeah that may be true, but theres no point in a board having so much money and not spending it on the big stars, Atleast usmanov will and he has more money than them anyway

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